1) We are independent, non-profit organization.

2) We are not a rescue organization.

3) We do not breed or sell any cats.

4) We are NOT affiliated with any breeders and cat registries.
We have no agenda and are not in favor of particular individuals or organizations.

5) The Anatolian cat project does not endorse any political, religious, nationalistic and ethnic ideology. We are strictly against the propaganda, discrimination, racism and hatred.

6) The opinions and views expressed by members of this project, unless in name of the Anatolian cat project, are their own and and do not necessarily reflect those of the Anatolian Cat project.

7) The material published in this blog belongs to the Anatolian Cat project. Please link to to our page if you share any part of our articles.

8) The information about health conditions of cats in our research should not be seen as a replacement for veterinary advice; If your cat suffers from an injury or illness or you are unsure how to take care of a cat, please contact a nearest veterinarian clinic.

9) Links to other web sites in our research articles are included for the reader’s convenience and do not constitute an endorsement of the material on those sites, or any associated product or service.

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